C lothing speaks volumes about a person. How you dress affects how people think of you and how they’ll treat you. Based upon how you present yourself and what you wear, people will make assumptions about your education level, prospective income, future opportunities and even your personality. Clothing absolutely affects your attractiveness level and whether people will overlook you or count you as a person of consequence. Wearing the right size, cut and styles for your body type and intended future jump starts transforming you into the person you want to be. You should dress for the life you want, not necessarily the life you have right now.


Looking to sharpen up for a special event or simply want to update your look? Jaclyn can help you take your image to the next level of sophistication. Highlighting your best assets and minimizing your flaws can make the difference between getting that job, being promoted or attracting a romantic partner.  It all starts with a free consultation. Together, you and Jaclyn will determine what your goals are, what kind of budget you’re working with and what your time-line is to a sexier and more professional looking you!


Jaclyn will meet with you in person to talk about what your options are and which improvements you should make in what order to get the best results the fastest. She will give you referrals to the professionals who specialize in whatever service you need to maximize your personal “wow” factor. Be it: dental work, a new hair style, personal grooming, skin rejuvenation, permanent body hair removal, improved diet, body fitness, improving speech and public speaking skills, working on confidence, or anything else that will make people respect and admire you.



Chances are good that you have a number of clothes in your closet you haven’t worn in years. Maybe they were a passing fad. Possibly they don't fit your body or style anymore. Or maybe you just don’t know what to wear them with.  Much like in the televised shows “What Not to Wear” and “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”, Jaclyn will help you sort through your closet one item at a time.


Jaclyn will help you figure out which clothes to toss and which items are still a good look for you. If it turns out much of what you have is outdated or poorly fitting, she will help you start from scratch and build up a whole new wardrobe. Or she can help you add a few new pieces to freshen up your look. She’ll also advise better ways to sort, store, launder and preserve your wardrobe.


Jaclyn will meet with you at clothing stores geared towards the type and quality of clothing you’re looking for. Within the price range you’re comfortable with, she’ll hand pick clothing for you to try on. Together you’ll determine the best sizes, colors and combinations for you.  She will make sure you have the basic, staple items in your new wardrobe to build on later. This will also enable you to mix and match what you just bought while you slowly add to your collection.


Then Jaclyn will help you with belts, shoes, watches, wallets, jewelry, bags, purses, scarves, hats or whatever accessories you need to complete the look.  She can put together outfits for you for: casual wear, athletic activities, business casual, business wear or for formal events. She can even talk about intimate wear. What you have on under neither your clothing is just as important at your outer wear. When we are done, you’ll understand the value of investing in your outfits and never look at clothing the same way.


You will  also get an email to an Ezine (information article)  that Jaclyn created detailing the proper way for washing, treating, and storing your clothing so they stay looking new and fresh for as long as possible. This informative short hand-guide includes normal wash and drying, what kind and how much laundry detergent to use, ironing (or quick wrinkle removal cheats), eliminating pill-balls, getting out odors and treating stains and blood on clothing.



Collecting clothing is easy. Knowing or remember what items look good together is usually more challenging. Whether you have an existing wardrobe you love, recently added some new items or you just put together a whole new wardrobe, Jaclyn will help you take the guesswork out of what looks good together. She'll take pictures of the various different combinations of outfits that look great and can be worn on a variety of different occasions, complete with accessories.


She'll then create you a digital catalog of your own clothing either on a disk or printed out. Simply flip through the picture of you wearing your clothes and decide which version of you, that you want to look like that day. It will cut in half the time it takes you to get ready and you’ll always be confident knowing you have that “wow” factor.


Single and looking? On-line dating isn’t just a fad or a place for hookups.  Previewing dating profile's is an effective way for busy professionals to find true love and connect for like-minded romantic relationships. You don’t have to be a word-smith to navigate an on-line dating site.


But how you describe yourself in your profile will have a huge impact on the kind of attention and response you get from the dating community. There are also dozens of different on-line dating sites out there now. Choosing the right ones to create a profile for will make a huge difference based upon who and what you are looking for.  Jaclyn will help you figure out the right sites to use.


Then by asking you questions and using your own words to create the written portion of your profile, Jaclyn will help create a one-of-a-kind profile that reflects your interests, your intentions and your personal style. Grammar mistakes, typos and trouble articulating yourself shouldn’t keep you from finding your heart’s desire. Jaclyn will do the writing, then you can just cut and paste it into your profile. Don’t keep love waiting!


There are many reasons to capture a moment of your life in a picture. Whether you need high quality photos to document a major life event, are an aspiring actor/ model/ entertainer and need new portfolio pictures or simply want a snapshot of this point of your life, Jaclyn has the equipment and expertise to provide you with the style and quality of photos that will keep those memories  vivid and meaningful.  Weddings, new baby, funeral, family portrait, live performance, graduation, dating sites/ networking sites profile pictures, or photos of your business or sale products are just some of the types of photography Jaclyn offer. Inquire with Jaclyn if you have an idea for a special project.


Whether you’re getting ready for a job interview, a business lunch meeting, a first date or dinner with your future in-laws, you want to give your best possible impression. What does your handshake tell people about you? Should you hold the door open or pull out a chair for someone or not?  Does where you sit matter? How can you tell from a person’s non-verbal signs whether they like you and agree with what you’re saying or secretly disagreeing? How much touching is acceptable? How do you play up your better qualities and give compliments to be charming but not fake or a kiss up?


This includes meeting with Jaclyn at a restaurant and her providing coaching for everything from using good posture, walking with confidence, how to shake hands to leave a good impression, proper silverware use, good manners for difficult situations and how to read a person's body language and put them at ease.  She'll offer tips on which restaurants to go to, what menu items are best liked and how to get in good with your waiter so you get the best service.


Jaclyn can also tell you a few things about what you can learn from a person's handwriting and what your handwriting reveals about you. If needed, she also encourage better use of language, vocabulary and grammar.  You’ll feel well equipped to be confident and relaxed,  whether you’re meeting someone for the first time or simply wanting to ensure they will consider you excellent dinner company.


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"Sharpening your image is an investment in your success. What you wear, how you present yourself and what you surround yourself with, creates the environment for how your future will look. If you want people to believe you are qualified, you need to dress and act the part. If you want people to trust your judgment, you need to look like someone who knows what they are doing. Let me help you create your personal “wow” factor. Then, no matter what else happens in your day you’ll feel confident about the way you look and know you make a good impression without saying a word. " -Jaclyn Millet Campbell
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